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Scaling up Agile even across the management hierarchy: a sociocratic approach

Alternative Organisationen
Session Host: 
Jens Coldewey
Forum 1
Tuesday, 12.07.2016

Self organization and larger organization structures seem to contradict each other. Whereas self organization calls for autonomy and shared decision making, larger structures call for hierarchy and leadership. Organizations often perceive this as if they have to choose: sometimes allowing for some level of self organization at lower organizational levels with a management hierarchy on top.
This workshop offers you methods to have both strong self organization and a clear management hierarchy at all levels the organization. With it you can scale up self organization through the management hierarchy.

Some of the issues this workshop will address are:

  • Create alignment more efficiently across Agile teams
  • Become an effective product-owner or manager by using participative decision making
  • Really empower teams at all organizational levels and secure their compliance to higher level goals and decisions
  • Turn retrospectives into places for creative solutions and alignment amongst teams
  • Create innovation and alignment out of conflicting views and opinions within a team or between management levels: even when the tension is high