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How we survived building & launching a worldwide loyalty platform at PAYBACK/Plenti

Steffen Detsch, PAYBACK
Enterprise Agility Case Studies
Session Host: 
Angelika Drach
Forum 1
Monday, 11.07.2016

PAYBACK is a multi-partner platform founded 15 years ago in Germany. Besides Germany, PAYBACK operates in Poland, India, Mexico, Italy and USA (with the name Plenti), and more to come. In order to achieve this growth, PAYBACK relies on a stringent Product-Platform-strategy to incorporate all feature requests from the different countries. The platform development introduced a homegrown scaled agile approach (similar to SAFe) and has matured during the last 5 years continuously. The case study focusses on a collection of experiences in the area of project-organization, agile release-management, and solutions to scale agile on-/offshore teams. The distributed agile team for the platform consists of 150+ team members. For a healthy scaling of teams, especially with distributed teams, it is essential to spread the PAYBACK specific knowledge in the areas of requirements, architecture, and testing properly. Each development team has a dedicated so-called Quad (consisting of product owner, technology owner, quality owner and operations owner). These people are responsible to ensure initial know-how transfer as well as high quality in all areas, from requirement engineer to production. A lean project management team maintains the overall planning with the use of agile methods. The introduction of T-Shirt sizes for upcoming epics, calibrated story points and other agile tools support the agile roadmap process including different look-aheads and plannings for different levels.